Strategic Development

Each Health Decisions strategic partnership functions as a virtual clinical development organization dedicated to the sponsor’s goals.

Many forward-looking biopharma and medical device companies conclude that devoting the time required to build full-service internal clinical development capabilities increases the risk of delaying progression toward marketing approval. Furthermore, many companies and their investors prefer a lean business model. Health Decisions is an ideal strategic development partner for such companies, offering end-to-end strategic development services and incorporating lean principles, as described in The Agile Approach to Adaptive Research: Optimizing Efficiency in Clinical Development. Health Decisions provides comprehensive clinical development services, including program planning and trial planning, design and execution. Each Health Decisions strategic development partnership functions as a virtual clinical development organization dedicated to the sponsor’s goals.

Know Sooner, Finish Faster

Agile Study CycleHealth Decisions’ insight-driven Agile Clinical Development enables knowing sooner, deciding better and finishing faster. We consistently deliver outstanding results for our strategic development partners. The unique challenges of successfully bringing your product to market demand detailed analysis based on the characteristics of your product and your resources and business goals. Following such an analysis, we will use our insight and experience to map the shortest path to market for your product.

Defining the Optimal Path to Market

Health Decisions will work with you to define an optimal path to market with careful consideration of accelerating development with agile operations and adaptive techniques such as seamless designs. Contact Health Decisions today to initiate discussions with our senior scientists about advancing development of your product. Learn how Health Decisions’ development approach and strategic development services can ensure the success of your program and company.

View the article “Seamless Designs in Adaptive Research,” reprinted in The Journal for Clinical Research Best Practices from Clinical Trials Handbook.