Sponsor Testimonials

Health Decisions is pleased to share selected testimonials from sponsors of past and current studies and from independent experts on clinical development.

Instrumental in FDA Approval

It is so exciting to report that yesterday afternoon we received FDA APPROVAL for the combination program!!! You were instrumental in helping make the amendments to the protocol that the FDA requested within a day’s notice. Kudos!!!! Your team at Health Decisions has been wonderful and so responsive throughout this whole process. I cannot thank you enough!

– Program Manager

Operational Excellence & Quality

I liked the day-to-day interaction with the excellent project manager and all the team members, the quality of the CRAs and their visit reports and time from LPLV to DB Lock given the complexity of the study and the excellent quality of the final database.

– Clinical Research Manager

Communication & Clarity

The level of interaction and communication and the clarity of discussion about who should do what and when were excellent. So were the business-oriented discussions that benefited both us and Health Decisions.

– Global Project Leader

The Value of Timely Information

When something happened in the field, it was on my desktop in minutes or hours. We would literally react within 24 hours of receiving certain information and make changes either to things we did at specific sites or updates to the protocol. Partnering with Health Decisions enabled us to change and change quickly.

– Vice President

Effective Virtual Team

I appreciated the good team spirit and integration with our staff to make an effective virtual team.

– VP Clinical Research

Fast, Accurate Answers

The centralized point of contact had fast, accurate answers – I didn’t have to get transferred among many staff members to get answers or get action on something. She always returned calls and responded to emails quickly and with the information I was looking for.

– Clinical Research Manager

Agile Clinical Development Advances Clinical Research

If 100% source data verification is the first generation and risk-based monitoring the second generation, Dr. Rosenberg’s system of ‘Agile Clinical Development’ is probably the fourth generation—and it’s operating today. Our mission is to advance the practice of clinical research and Dr. Rosenberg’s insights into the future of risk-based monitoring do exactly that.

– Norman M. Goldfarb, Editor, The Journal of Clinical Research Best Practices
View the September 2013 press release with Mr. Goldfarb’s statement.

Culture of Immediate Correction, Commitment to Quality

We love your culture of immediate correction where possible. This speaks to a commitment to quality of a type we rarely see. We are also impressed with Health Decisions’ responsiveness. You are doing what you say you’re doing. Your work product shows that you are just as effective as larger CROs with a fraction of the staff. We have audited a lot of CROS and put Health Decisions in the top tier of all CROs we have audited.

– Auditor for pharma company

Able to Get Products to Market and Recognize Less Promising Products Early

Health Decisions has multiple examples of being able to get useful products to market and recognize less promising products early on, reducing the financial risk of development.

– Executive VP