Employee Testimonials

Health Decisions is an innovative CRO that values its employees and strives to create a work environment and a culture that are good for them and for Health Decisions and our clients. We hire smart, dedicated, passionate people. Here’s what some of our employees have to say.

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Project Manager

“I have worked in Clinical Research for about 15 years for a variety of organizations. I have found that Health Decisions is one of the few employers that has adequate resources and infrastructure available to support their remote employees. Health Decisions also does a great job ensuring that, even though I am remote, I am kept included in communications about what is happening within the organization and am made to feel like a valued team member, an area in which other employers have fallen short. Another area in which Health Decisions excels is with helping their employees recognize, set and achieve career goals… whether that be additional training, a certification, a promotion, etc., the organization is very encouraging and supportive in helping its team members achieve their goals. Knowing that what you do is appreciated and recognized helps cultivate a desire to continue to strive for excellence.”



“Health Decisions is a special place to be and to work and offers opportunities that many CROs do not. While I might have a particular focus on a study, I have opportunities to learn about other things as well. For example, I can listen in when the biometrics department is talking about critical fields or offer suggestions for improving eCRFs. Health Decisions encourages employees to better themselves by learning more about this industry and to find our place within it. Health Decisions’ management team appreciates and values our opinions and ideas. At Health Decisions, people come first. We are valued not just as good workers, but as good people, and we are reminded of that fact often. Whether it’s something as simple as a surprise ice cream cone in the middle of a particularly busy week, or something more formal like Health Decisions’ awards for excellence, it contributes to the positive atmosphere in the office. We like each other here. People are friendly and want to get to know you. Health Decisions is genuinely a fun place to be and a great place to work.”



“I’m extremely satisfied with Health Decisions’ commitment to hiring intelligent, hard-working, and innovative employees. Collaboration is an everyday necessity, and we constantly challenge and motivate each other in a positive way. I also appreciate the executive team’s investment in professional and skills development. We’ve worked diligently to build a culture of learning, best practices, and shared knowledge. We have an unusually wide variety of learning and development options. The awards that Health Decisions has received reflect the ongoing efforts to promote critical thought, creativity, and precision within every level of the organization.”



“I’ve worked for almost two decades with several other CROs and I can honestly say HD is the leader in fostering innovation and empowering employees. HD has also done a great job in securing the best talent, promoting diversity and igniting the passion of employees to excel in their respective areas of expertise. Each employee has a voice. You are not only heard but also rewarded and recognized for your efforts. I enjoy working with such a great group of people committed to working on a daily basis to keep HD on the cutting edge of technology.”

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“Health Decisions is the perfect CRO for any individual that is smart, ambitious, and has a desire for opportunities for career advancement. Health Decisions truly understands that their employees are the key to their success and their most valuable resource. Because Health Decisions is a dynamic, agile company, there isn’t the red-tape and wastefulness that frustrate good employees at big bureaucratic companies who just want to do a good job. As a Project Manager, one of the many things I love about my job is solving problems in innovative ways. No process is perfect and everyone is encouraged to find a way to increase efficiency without decreasing the quality of a deliverable. At Health Decisions, innovation is rewarded, not impeded.”



“Health Decisions is a company that considers its employees its most valuable asset. Hard work is rewarded and recognized on a regular basis. During my time here, I have been afforded many opportunities that have furthered my career development. My experience at Health Decisions differs greatly from experiences at larger CROs. I appreciate having an expanded role and a variety of job responsibilities rather than being pigeonholed into working on only a small aspect of a study, something that often happens at larger CROs. Working at Health Decisions allows me to be creative. I am never bored. Also, Health Decisions fosters a happy work environment. It is a joy to work with other employees every day.”



“Flexible, supportive, and innovative are just a few of the words I would use to describe working at Health Decisions. I have worked at Health Decisions for more than seven years and I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of it. HD is a very flexible, family-oriented, forward-thinking company. I am grateful for the opportunity to work, learn and be a part of such an adaptive team. If you are looking for a team atmosphere and a commitment to supporting the personal and professional growth of employees, these are among the positives that you will find at Health Decisions.”