Topic: Adaptive Design

Marking International Clinical Trials Day 2016

International Clinical Trials Day takes place each year on May 20, commemorating the day in 1747 on which James Lind started his controlled trial of scurvy treatments. Health Decisions marked the day internally by celebrating our own project managers, clinical trial leads, clinical research associates, in-house clinical research associates, clinical trial assistants, biostatisticians and other… Read more »

Keeping a Close Watch on Clinical Development Trends at DIA

The Health Decisions event team is looking forward to a productive DIA in Washington, DC June 14-18. Vice President, Clinical Affairs Patrick Phillips, D Phil, will lead a forum on project management of adaptive trials and Health Decisions experts will be available through booth #821 to discuss clinical development trends and challenges with sponsors. In… Read more »

New White Paper: Top 10 Clinical Development Trends for 2015

With Q4 2014 upon us, it is time to gear up for 2015. A few things are clear. Clinical development will continue to evolve against a pattern of high-failure rates for products aimed at large populations and higher success rates for targeted therapies. Orphan Drug development will remain an area of intense activity with continued… Read more »

Population and Patient in Clinical Research and Treatment Decisions

Traditional clinical trials are all about defining populations with inclusion/exclusion criteria, drawing inferences about response for the population tested and trying to generalize from there to a larger population in the wild. The physician in the clinic works from the opposite direction. The challenge in patient care is examining an individual patient presenting with a… Read more »

Drug Development: Navigating from Molecule Selection to Market

Life-science VCs are great at vetting molecules and identifying target markets for novel drugs and biologics. If VCs have a weak spot, it is in the area where 80% of novel therapeutics die – clinical development. Like many biotech and pharma executives, VCs tend to think candidate selection largely determines whether new products achieve marketing… Read more »

BioPharm Insight: Biotechs to Benefit from Adaptive Trials

As a CRO that has long championed adaptive design and the extension of the adaptive concept to trial operations, Health Decisions was pleased to see BioPharm Insight report that “CROs could benefit as more biotechs embrace adaptive trials.” CROs could benefit because biotechs would benefit – if biotechs were a bit more open to adaptive… Read more »

The Next 25 Years in Clinical Research: Learning to Learn Faster

Missed Opportunities to Advance Clinical Research 605 BCE In Nebuchadnezzar’s court, Daniel and friends conducted a controlled trial comparing the effects of a meat-and-wine diet to Daniel’s preferred fare of lentils and water. King James Bible, Daniel Chapter 1 560-547 BCE Croesus, King of the Lydians, conducted a blinded controlled test of the accuracy of… Read more »