Health Decisions outperforms industry norms by a wide margin on most studies as proven by our results.

Through a combination of Agile Clinical Development methodology, LiveTrial technology and insights based on advanced analytics and deep development expertise, Health Decisions consistently outperforms the industry, reducing timelines and risk and increasing returns and time to market under patent protection. The following examples illustrate how Health Decisions enabled a variety of sponsors to meet and exceed development goals and gain major competitive advantages.

Examples of Our Results

  • 4,200-patient pivotal device study: Completed 2.5 years ahead of competitor for less than half the cost, creating more than $600m in additional revenues, enabling early investor exit
  • mBrCa study: Enabled approval a year early, $366m in extra sales in year 1, greater market share, extra year to market under patent protection
  • 3,400-subject global pivotal contraceptive study: Enrolled at more than 3x the rate for previous similar studies, reduced SDV% and timelines, increased data quality, enabled early NDA
  • $110m, 5-year global Alzheimer’s study: Saved 1.6 years, $32m in direct costs
  • N-of-1 study blazes trail for small target populations: Proof-of-concept focuses on home evaluation, Bayesian statistics to enable economic approach to approval for orphan indications
  • Pain in osteoarthritis study: Early termination for futility enabled rapid refocus on responsive subpopulation

Earlier Market Entry Drives IRR

agilechartHealth Decisions’ insight-driven Agile Clinical Development approach consistently provides substantial reductions in timelines and risk and increases IRR for biopharma, diagnostics, precision medicine and medical device development programs. Health Decisions can help sponsors achieve striking results through a full range of services, including outstanding execution of biopharma trials, diagnostics trials, precision medicine trials and medical device trials, focused consulting and comprehensive strategic development services.

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